Each unique design reflects a thoughtful interpretation of the client’s vision and lifestyle. FCD’s passion to capture the essence of natural beauty and light enhances interior spaces with purposeful curation. Applying long cultivated knowledge and techniques, Farrin Cary Design creates a visual narrative within spatial constructs that is fresh, yet time honored. Each interior space designed by FCD guides movement and flow that is both beautiful and functional. Leveraging a mix of modern and progressive design styles, FCD centers each project around historical references to create enduring artful conceptions.

Farrin Cary Design holds extensive partnerships with Hamptons contractors and vendors which position her to facilitate projects from design conception to fully realized space. This integration of the design and construction process will ensure the follow-through of design elements and limit building mistakes, ultimately protecting the investment of your home. Our team of design professionals will work with you to help your vision unfold intuitively to achieve a perfect expression of your presence in the Hamptons.

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“We find a neutral palette of silvery gray and flaxen lends just enough color to sit quietly as a reverent backdrop to the life one brings into the home" -Farrin Cary



Interior design is a fluid, non-linear process. An experienced interior designer such as Farrin Cary should serve as a liaison between architects, vendors, and contractors to ensure optimal results. Every aspect of space will be touched upon, from the color palette of the room to interior furnishing and accents. For purposes of illustration, here is a general overview of the various steps involved.

Initial Consultation

Conception is the spark of your design project. We meet with you to ask questions about your vision and listen to find out about your design and space needs. We will discuss the interior design process, your expectations and personal preferences. Communication, trust and mutual respect are key ingredients in any successful project. The initial consultation is free.

Site Investigation

Professional interior design considers the smaller details of a room as part of the larger vision of a home. During our visit, we will have a more detailed discussion of the area interior space being designed. We will assess your current interior and discuss what new design elements are being considered. At this stage, initial measurements are made of each room in the house such as the bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, transition areas such as hallways and foyers, as well as any additions to the home such as pool houses, guest suites and children’s play spaces. We will select color palettes and materials that reflect the essence of your vision. Informal interviews with you and your family are also completed to enable us to create environments that best suit your lifestyle.

Preliminary Presentation

Taking careful consideration of your vision for the home, Farrin Cary Design draws upon expertise and experience to propose the best interior design plan for your desires. We will present our design concept through the use of photos, floor plans, fabric, paint and flooring samples and other materials we recommend.

Final Presentation

Your selections from our time together are crafted into a well designed master plan. Our team will outline professional services and contractors to work with to bring your vision to life. The final selections and edits to the plan will be sealed with your approval. At every step of the way, we’re working together to bring the design to life.


Once the design is approved, furnishings and materials are ordered and all painting, construction and other work is scheduled. We oversee the entire process to insure that the work is of the highest quality.



FCD offers a full range of interior design services. Whether you want to refresh one room in your current house or initiate a complete design for a newly built home, our team will enhance the space to create an inviting, exquisite atmosphere. From the smallest architectural details to the linens in the closet, your home will be ready at the turn of a key.

Conceptual Design Meeting

We will review various interior design elements through photos, sketches, magazine shots, samples of finishes such as flooring, countertops, cabinetry, wall and window treatments, lighting and hardware to help you visualize a cohesive interior design plan.


Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetry

We will walk through your kitchen or bathroom with you to assess the space’s acoustics, lighting, temperature, and your personal stylistic choices paired with functionality. Once our design plan is finalized, we will work closely with local Hamptons carpenters, contractors, and architects to execute your dream.


Lighting Plan Design

A professionally designed interior light plan balances form and function. We will discuss a layered lighting approach, making use of the light in the space to achieve different levels of brightness and a visually appealing room design.


Tile Selections

Tiles will be chosen to harmonize the home’s existing style. We will review details such as tile size, room size, color, grout, textures, patterns, and the gift of natural light that we experience in the Hamptons.


Flooring selections

We will assess each room’s flooring by discussing its style, foot traffic, practicality, and comfort.


Kitchen and Bathroom plumbing fixtures

We will discuss design styles with you that harmonize with the home to bring relevant samples, photos and a design plan. We will then work closely with the contractor, scheduling and overseeing the installation.


Custom Built-In Cabinetry

Storage solutions in your home should be functional, beautiful, and support the natural esthetic of your Hamptons home. We will work with you to design solutions for newly constructed homes or renovations for seamless integration.


Crown, Base and Casing Selection

Choosing the casing is the most important molding selection for your home. As the casing is visible from all areas in the home, the style and materials need to harmonize with the overall interior design. We will ensure that materials, patterns, and installation of casing compliments your style preferences and the home’s flow.


Paint Schemes & Wall Covering Selections

Choosing a color palette for your interiors is eased by the professional consultation with our design team. We assess the room holistically, observing the upholstery, furniture, lighting elements, and personal style preferences.


Countertop Material

We will help you feel confident in choosing a countertop that will be beautiful, functional and complimentary to the room design. Our focus is always on both form and function, selecting materials timeless elegance and durability.


Electrical Walk-Through

Our design team will ensure that interior light fixtures, electronics, and special features are safely, professionally installed. We will examine equipment, spatial needs, and design preferences with you and contractors for a seamless integration of wiring and materials.


Ceiling Designs

The ceiling of the room provides lighting options, directs feeling and flow of a room, and crowns the space.  We will discuss options that identify fixtures, textures and design elements that will enhance the room design without competing with preferred focal elements.


Fireplace Designs

A fireplace is a stunning centerpiece to a living room, bedroom, or transition space, adding value and elegance to your home. We will work with you beyond the stylistic design elements to ensure your fireplace is installed with safety, function, and beauty in mind.


Hardware Selection

The hardware of your home has many moving parts to it.  Consider an interior door. We will discuss your preferred door styles within the context of the room’s design on both sides. In addition to style, we will discuss function in order to select knobs, locking mechanisms, trim styles, finishes, latches and strike plates.


Visits to the Construction Site

With any interior design project, renovation, or newly built home, we work with architects, contractors and service professionals to ensure your vision is fully realized. We will serve as a liaison to communicate the needs of your interior design elements.


Furniture Purchase and Installation

One of the joys of living in the Hamptons is the access to inspirational home furnishing proprietors. We can review custom furniture options, antique finds, upholstery services and more. Our team will help you express your vision by working with vendors and installers.