Playful Learning Spaces

By applying the principles of good design to children’s spaces, one can foster independence, inspire creativity and nurture self-esteem. Ultimately influencing children’s abilities to learn. Through thoughtfully, well designed playrooms we strive to provide the child and caregiver with a place where learning, sharing and exploration are at their fingertips. The curriculum of life, as experienced by children in their homes on a daily basis, is the most revolutionary teaching and learning that can take place, and a well prepared environment can result in many hours of self-guided independent, creative and productive time for the developing inquisitive minds of children.

5% of all profit from FCD Playrooms is donated to the Blink Now Foundation, an organization dedicated to building foster homes and schools for the young children of Nepal.


Below are just a few curriculum-based ideas which can be created in a dedicated room, woven into a child’s bedroom, or integrated into other areas of your home.

  • Reading nooks that encourage reading for pleasure

  • Curated library of children’s literature suited for your child’s interests and developmental level

  • Listening areas for hearing and reading along with audio books

  • Writing centers that encourages writing for real world purposes

  • Customized writing papers and supplies that inspires writing in multiple genres

  • Science labs that facilitates in-depth investigations

  • Maker spaces built to facilitate creative explorations of technology, woodworking, engineering, and more

  • Block/Building areas for budding young architects

  • Recommendations for technology, hardware, software, apps, and equipment

  • Project areas that inspires long-term, open-ended explorations

  • Distinctive and engaging, high-quality art materials and resources

  • Art galleries that tastefully displays your child’s artwork

  • Hand selected, developmentally appropriate toys, children can grow with over time

  • Dramatic play props that cultivate creativity and nurture imagination

  • Organization solutions for dress-up, Legos, dolls, blocks, books, and more

  • Establish homework/project areas for children so that everything they need is accessible, organized, and ready for work

  • Provide customized activities/curriculum based on your child’s interests and needs

  • Dedicated areas in your kitchen that encourage independence and healthy habits for children

  • Child-friendly cooking utensils, dishes, cookbooks, and more

  • Integration of maps, books, and toys from around the world that nurture global awareness

  • Materials and curriculum specific to places you will be traveling to or travel to often

  • Designated peaceful spaces that soothe, restore, and promote conflict resolution

  • Quiet corners, tents, and tepees all offer places for reflection and alone time

  • Playful garden spaces that teach science, nutrition, nature appreciation, and cooking

  • Playscapes that develop large and fine motor skills and encourage physical well being